Friday, February 3, 2012

Red Dress Details

I've had a lot of people ask for details about the red dress project. I wanted to explain a few things.

1) you need to have your own dress/outfit. You are responsible for those expenses. I have had two people offer to assist with alterations or re-creating something for you from a dress that has already been made but you have to have the bones already and if you want something extravagant added to the dress you will need to be prepared to pay for whatever it is. These designers have graciously donated their time, but they are not expected to donate their pocket books as well. Additional fabric, bows, etc are on your dime.

Look at thrift stores. Most have formal dresses for sale. Also Ebay. And Amazon. Also check out the Traveling Red Dress FB page as several are up for grabs on there as well. If you just want to do something simple like a tulle bottom (tutu esque), that is easily done and I'm sure any of the people who have donated their services would be able to quickly make something like that. Think outside the box! And please ask if you have questions or need direction!

2) I need your story. My vision for these shoots is to express the woman in the dress. The strength, beauty, vulnerability. I want to be able to express your journey. I would love to know a bit more about you so we can plan the session together and make it as much you as possible. What is your vision when you think of yourself in a powerful dress? What would you like to get from it?  If you are uncomfortable with sharing your story with others at this point, that is fine, but I have to have it so I can brainstorm with you about your session.

3) Be aware that this is a time consuming project on all sides and you will be asked to work the session into your schedule based on my schedule and what we have planned for your session.

I'm so excited about all of the awesome emails I'm receiving and the wonderful help people are offering. I cannot wait to get some of these planned and on the calendar!

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